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Op. Dr. Ali KESKİN

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I was born in 1975 in Turgut KONYA

I graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine 1991-1997

1997-2001 Istanbul Haydarpasa Numune Hospital Ophthalmology I completed my specialty training.

I worked in Kilis State Hospital between 2001-2004.

I worked in the Aksaray State Hospital between 2004-2005.

Lighters Military Hospital in Erzurum between 2005-2006 he served as a reserve officer.

I worked in the Aksaray State Hospital in 2006-2007.

I worked at a private hospital in Aksaray years 2007-2012.

From 2012 I have been working in Kayseri Maya Eye Specialty Hospital.

Areas of interest

I've been to over 1500 case studies on retinal and vitreous surgery.

1. Retinal Detachment (cracks) Epiretinal Membranes (retinal top membrane)
Macular Holes (Yellow point of perforation), out the back of bleeding, 
especially DM (diabetes) and torn regardless of hemorrhage, cataract surgery complications (lenses fall, catching germs of (endophthalmitis)) correction operations,

2. Cataracts (Eye Lens OPACIFICATION) in adults and children over 10 thousand in the treatment of cataract patients with phacoemulsification experience, multifocal, toric intraocular lens treatment momofokal,

3. Excimer laser (glasses getting surgery, PRK, LASEK 
4. Strabismus surgery and therapy 
5. Eye aesthetics, cover impairment (P TOZİS), cover looseness, the inward and outward rotation of surgical caps, plastic lid and brow operations, 
6 block consists of surgery (Eye hypertension surgery) trabeculectomy surgery stents 
7. Tear obstruction surgery, treatment of children and adults in dacryostenosis 
8. uveal tissue inflammation (uveitis) therapy

Interests (Hobbies)

-Picture attract, 
the eyes project design and development tools, 
-Sports, body, building, bike rides, to Travel


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