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Prof. Dr. Hakkı DOĞAN

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I was born in 1949 in Sivas.I made my first and secondary educatıon with the Şarkışla, in Gürün and Sivas.I graduatet from Hacettepe Unıvercıty KGN Medical School. Between the years of 1976-1981, I was a physician at Şarkışla and Antalya health centers. In 1981, I completed my specialization training in Erciyes Universty Medical Fauclty in 1985. After working as an expert at 4.5 years in Sivas SSK Hospital,  I started my academic life at Erciyes University and retired in 20.06.2014 years. I’m stil working at Maya Eye Center in Kayseri. I know intermediate level Engılısh. I am looking at the diseases of the eye strabismus, ambliyopia, tear duct blockages, oculoplastic surgery, neuroophalmolgia. uvea and glaucoma.


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