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What is the cause of eye candy?

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Any condition that disturbs the normal use of the eyes and visual development can make eyeblinks. In many cases, the condition that leads to eyelashes is inherited. A family member who gives a positive story about eyebrows or strabismus must pass the child through an eye examination early on. There are three main reasons for eye movement: • Strabismus: The most common reason for eye movement. The sliding eye does not transmit the image to the brain, and the child only uses the eye that sees better. • Fracture distinction between two eyes: Fracture defects are eye disorders that can be corrected with glasses. Laziness in the eye that does not focus the image develops. Although it looks healthy from the outside, this eye is lazy. This is the most difficult form of eye laceration, and requires careful observation of the eye. • The blur of eye tissues that should normally be clear: an eye disease such as a cataract can make eye patches. Any factor that prevents the formation of clear images can lead to laziness in the child. This is the heaviest form of your tempo

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