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Structure of cornea

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The cornea anatomically consists of 5 layers.

 * Epithelial Layer Regeneration ability is fast 5? ordered, non-keratinized multilayered flattened epithelium. The front face is covered with tears. Sensory nerves at Bowman Membrane level end up in epithelial cells. The Bowman membrane underneath is firmly adhered to the basal membrane. 

* Bowman's Plate is the condensed front of the stroma laminates. After injury, they are not renewed and opacites (scar tissue) develop which can cause visual impairment.

 * Stroma forms 90% of corneal thickness. The collagen fibers forming the stroma are uniform. He watches limbustan limbus without crossing each other. They are settled in the intermediate consisting of mucosaccharides. Stroma is weak from the cell. These cells, called keratocytes, transform into fibroblasts during injury to provide wound repair. 

* Design Membrane Endothelial cells are basal membrane. There is more elasticity than other layers of the cornea. The stroma is not sticky. Easily peelable. 

* Endothelial Layer Consists of single row hexagonal cells. They do not multiply with mitosis.

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