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What is strabismus?

Strabismus is the paralysis of your eyes. We have our eyes in our bodies that are equipped with the most perfect features in motion. Eye movements provide muscles that stick out of sight. There are 6 muscles in each eye;  * INTERNAL REKTUS  * EXTERNAL REKTUS  * TOP REKTUS  * SUB REKTUS  * SUBRODUCTORS  * SUBMERSIBILITY  These muscles move the

Strabismus Causes

There is no single reason for the astonishment to occur. Whether or not your pregnancy is a problem, whether birth is problematic, the child's development, the diseases it is experiencing can be a risk factor for strabismus. Strabismus is a genetic predisposition, which means that if there is a shift in the eyes of the family there is more chance of emerging. In childhood, ie after strabismus

Symptoms of Strabismus

* Disappearance of your eye paralelia  * Living  * Pain  * Headache  * Double vision  * Loss of three-dimensional vision  * Blurred vision  * Facial head or face facing side Some of the slippings during infancy and childhood are pseudo slippers. Pseudoslip is a misleading appearance that occurs with the width of the eyelids and nose root. An

Strabismus Varieties

Strabismus is named according to the directions of the eyes.  * Belt strabismus (Esotropia)  * Outline strabismus (Exotropia)  * Strabismus (Hypertropia)  * Downward strabismus (Hypotropia) There are also special strabismus types other than this classification;  * Strabismus seen in adult age Strabismus in adult age may cause various causes (trauma, diabetes

How Is Strabismus Disease Diagnosed?

Since strabismus is caused by a lot of reasons, treatment also varies from person to person. In some straps, treatment with glasses is quite successful. When she wears a child's eyeglasses, her wit is straightened. As age progresses, it can gain control of the ability to control the slip, and the eye does not slip anymore when it goes out. Occasionally, patients can be taken to orthoptic treat

How Is Strabismus Treatment Made?

Spectacles Some types of strabismus occur depending on the flaw. Straightness is improved when the patient starts using glasses. In this type of strabismus, glasses are sufficient. Closure These treatment methods can be done if there is laziness in the patient's eyes. Orthopedic Orthopedic treatment can also be applied with the aim of acquiring both eyesight and depth. These two functions are

About Strabismus Treatment

Strabismus surgeries are usually performed under general anesthesia. The basic principle of surgery is based on the principle of reducing or increasing the strength of the muscles attached to the eye sock or changing its location. Early diagnosis and treatment in strabismus can prevent eye laceration and provide 3-D vision. For this reason, every child with a suspicion of strabismus should be take

Eye Temporary

Eye laceration is one aspect of vision that has less visibility than the other. If it is not treated at appropriate ages, sight will continue to be minimal. Rarely can be seen in both eyes in high numbers. Vision is a skill that the brain learns from infancy. The baby learns to see colored and three-dimensional in the familiar sense when it is about 6 months old while distinguishing the silhouette


It is the involuntary movements that are defined as the rhythmic vibration of the eyes. This rhythmic motion in the eyes is often symmetric when the amplitude (magnitude of oscillation) is evaluated as velocity and direction. Rarely symmetrical. Diagnosis of nystagmus  * Nystagmus with head position near and far decreased or did not rise from the middle  * Whether or not it appeare

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