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How Is Strabismus Treatment Made?

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Spectacles Some types of strabismus occur depending on the flaw. Straightness is improved when the patient starts using glasses. In this type of strabismus, glasses are sufficient. Closure These treatment methods can be done if there is laziness in the patient's eyes. Orthopedic Orthopedic treatment can also be applied with the aim of acquiring both eyesight and depth. These two functions are also important in our daily life as they allow the eyes to stay parallel. It helps us to be more comfortable and successful when dealing with sports such as basketball, tennis, etc., which require distance and time adjustment while driving. Surgery (surgery) Congenital shifts are necessary shifts in the early period (6 months - 1 year), which do not require glasses. The vast majority of slips are 2? age and can usually be fully corrected with glasses. Surgical treatment is necessary if the eyeglasses are unstable. Botox In some strabismus botulinum toxin (BOTOX) may also be applied in treatment. BOTOX is effective in patients with diarrhea due to goitre disease and can be used as a remedy in patients with strabismus due to FELCADE. Depending on the paralysis, sudden shifts usually have double vision, which is very difficult for the patient. In this type of strabismus, the general trend is to wait for 6 months, but in the waiting period Botox application can be done to reduce double vision. Full recovery is possible with the start of treatment immediately after emergence of astonishment.

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