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How Is Strabismus Disease Diagnosed?

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Since strabismus is caused by a lot of reasons, treatment also varies from person to person. In some straps, treatment with glasses is quite successful. When she wears a child's eyeglasses, her wit is straightened. As age progresses, it can gain control of the ability to control the slip, and the eye does not slip anymore when it goes out. Occasionally, patients can be taken to orthoptic treatment and exercise programs, as well as eyeglasses therapy. In patients with strabismus that does not resolve with glasses and exercise programs, in patients with congenital strabismus and head position, treatment is surgical intervention. Operation is performed under preferred general anesthesia. Eyes may not be closed after surgery. The time of departure from the hospital depends on the anesthetic state. It is not painful after surgery, it can be a feeling of stabbing in the patient. The patient uses the drops and wears glasses. One week after surgery, children can return to their schools, and adult patients can return to work. The redness in the eyes lasts for about 2-3 weeks, it decreases tearfully using the drops.

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