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Strabismus Varieties

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Strabismus is named according to the directions of the eyes. 

* Belt strabismus (Esotropia) 

* Outline strabismus (Exotropia)

 * Strabismus (Hypertropia) 

* Downward strabismus (Hypotropia) There are also special strabismus types other than this classification; 

* Strabismus seen in adult age Strabismus in adult age may cause various causes (trauma, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, various infections, tumors or poisonings) in nerves that control eye movements. Firstly, treatment should be directed to the cause. Surgery may be needed for a certain period of time in these shifts, which usually involve double vision. Orthopedic treatment, occlusion therapy, medical treatment and surgical treatment with various drops can be applied besides the use of glasses in strabismus treatment. Hidden Strabismus Hidden strabismus is the strabismus that occurs when one of the eyes is closed. The secret slip in society is seen quite often. When both eyes are open, a connecting mechanism allows the brain to keep the eyes parallel. However, when one of the eyes is closed, this mechanism breaks down and a slipping occurs in the closed eye. The patient is usually unaware of the kayman, and complaints such as tiredness, redness, pain, dryness and headache in the eyes. If there is a vision defect in the patient, these complaints occur earlier. Especially after close reading, the patient complains of headache. Occult strabismus can be treated with appropriate glasses and orthopedic (exercises) exercises.

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