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Strabismus Causes

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There is no single reason for the astonishment to occur. Whether or not your pregnancy is a problem, whether birth is problematic, the child's development, the diseases it is experiencing can be a risk factor for strabismus. Strabismus is a genetic predisposition, which means that if there is a shift in the eyes of the family there is more chance of emerging. In childhood, ie after strabismus seen after 2 years, it is usually a cause of breaking. In a child with a predisposition, a shift in the eye may start after a febrile illness or trauma (falls, surgery, accidents). The central brain is responsible for the movement of our eye muscles, so the paralysis that occurs in the nerves is caused by eye slips. In some cases, such as accidents, head trauma, febrile illnesses and advanced hypertension and diabetes, paralysis can occur in the nerves that come to the bone. In such strabismus, treatment may vary depending on whether the phallus is permanent or not. It is absolutely necessary to have treatment because it can cause eyebrows in children and double vision in older age groups.

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