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How to Treat Glaucoma Treatment

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There are three main ways of treating glaucoma. 

* Drug treatment

 * Surgical treatment 

* Laser treatment Drug treatment First, reduce the patient's eye strain, either by reducing the production of fluid in the eye, or by increasing the output of the eye. There are drugs for both. These medicines are medicines taken at regular intervals every day and used for life. If the patient does not have eye drops and the visual field is narrow despite the medication, The treatment method to be applied is surgery. The facts apply various methods for this. Probably one of the best ways is to sit in front of a mirror and pull the lower eyelid downwards to put a drop in the gap between the eyelid and the lid. The covers should then be closed for one minute. The reason for this is to reduce the amount of drip that goes to the fountain and goes through the general circulation. In addition, the blood concentration of the applied drops can be reduced by pressing on the tear paths on the inside of the finger joint with the inner cover. The ophthalmologist should be asked exactly where to place it so that it can be done effectively. Surgical Treatment; In operation, you open a hole in the white part of your eye. With this hole, which is too small to be seen from the outside, you drain the excess fluid in the eye from there. In patients with surgery, it is not possible for all patients, although treatment is often cut off. Glaucoma patients need to be measured at certain intervals for eye strain, visual nerves assessment and visual fields. At certain intervals, nerve fiber thickness measurements and visual field tomography should be performed on some of the cases, especially in the initial period. There is no evidence that any particular food or vitamin is beneficial in the treatment of eye sickness. Laser therapy Laser therapy can be used for various purposes in the treatment of eye pressure. Firstly; in the treatment of an acute glaucoma crisis and in preventing other forms of attack. This method is very successful when applied without delay. Secondly, in the case of chronic glaucoma, it is applied to strainer-like outer channels to facilitate the outflow of liquid made in the eye. However, the effectiveness of this method (laser trabeculoplasty) varies from person to person. Numbers and frequencies can be reduced, often by continuing to use patient drops. Surgical treatment may be required if adequate pressure drop is not achieved with laser therapy. Another area of ​​use for laser eye treatment is transscleral diode laser coagulation. In this method, laser is applied to the white area around the colored part on the outside of the eye. The aim is to reduce the production of oily water by destroying the siliceous cistern on the inside of this part and releasing the oily water. Especially known as difficult events; is performed in painful eyes that have undergone repeat surgery, congenital glaucoma, vitreoretinal surgery and eye transplantation, which are lost to sight.

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