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How is Glaucoma Disease Diagnosed?

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The best way to detect glaucoma is to go to regular eye examinations. Measurement of intraocular pressure Assessment of optic nerve damage Visual field test Examination of the eye by drainage (Gonioscopy) It is not easy to diagnose eye tension. Because there is no eye pressure that is normal for everyone. The eye pressure level of two people is the same. But one's vision is based on that tension, the other's not. Glaucoma disease for many years; eye pressure was above 22 mm / cyan. It was then found that the patients were under 22 mm / circumference and were suffering from visual acuity disorder. From there, it was seen that there was no need to increase the pressure for glaucoma disease, and in some cases there could be damage due to the decrease of the resistance of the optic nerve without increasing the pressure. This second group was called the Ormal Pressurized Glaucoma. This condition occurs in four of the glaucoma patients; most commonly seen in patients with problems in the circulatory system. For example, it is more common in a group of coronary heart patients, in those with migraine, in colder ones, and in those who have temporary sleep breaths during sleep (Sleep apnea syndrome). Apart from this, the intraocular pressure is over 22mm / gal and rare cases are normal. The main point in the diagnosis of glaucoma is, as it is understood from this point, that the eye nerve can not withstand that pressure. Therefore, it is important to determine the damage of the optic nerve to the diagnosis. The most important point here is that the damage to the optic nerve is detected at the earliest possible time. To this end, there are a number of high-tech machines in the World Eye Hospital, such as devices for visual nerve tomography and nerve fiber analysis, which are products of modern technology beyond the visual field.

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