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What is Retina?

  The retina is a layer of light sensitive cells (cones and rods) and nerve fibers that allow us to see. The network layer we give the name of the retina occupies the back wall of the eye sphere just like a wallpaper. Retina is made up of millions of sight cells. These cells, which form retinas, reach nerve fibers with their nerve fibers. The visual nerve contains 1.5 million nerve fibers

What are Retinal Diseases?

  Disorders related to diabetes, Retinal detachment, Retinal and subretinal hemorrhage, Retinal fluid accumulation, Retinal vascular diseases, Congenital and hereditary diseases, Age related macular diseases (YBMD), Retinal tumors.Disorders related to diabetes, Retinal detachment, Retinal and subretinal hemorrhage, Retinal fluid accumulation, Retinal vascular diseases, Congenital and hered

What are the possible symptoms of retinal disease?

  * Sudden or slow vision diminishment, * Light flashes, * Flight flyers, objects circulating in the eye, blurring vision * Temporary and short sight loss * Dark areas in the field of vision

What are the treatment methods?

  According to the type of disorder, medical treatment is laser treatment and surgical treatment. Early diagnosis is the first step in treatment, so in addition to the standard eye examination at eye check-up, * Control with exophthalmometer * Depth feeling examination * Color vision examination * Corneal topography * Confrontation test * Eye ultrasound * Biomet

Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment is a serious eye threat problem that affects 1 in 10,000 people every year. Orthosis can occur at any age, with age more common. If not treated as an emergency, it may cause partial or complete loss of vision. Causes and symptoms: Retinal detachment is the separation of the pigment epithelium layer beneath the retinal nerve layer. Due to the tears or holes that often form in t

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that manifests itself as an increase in insulin secretion or insulin effect resulting in poor blood sugar. Long-term elevation of blood sugar particularly affects the kidneys, heart, nerves and eye. Diabetes, especially the nervous layer (retina or necrosis), affects the eye capillaries in the eye and disturbs the functioning of the eye and leads to visual loss. R

Macular Degeneration (Yellow Dot) Disease

The public is suffering from the destruction of the center of the yellow spot disease or see the macular degeneration as age-related visual anxiety. The sight gradually diminishes over time and the center becomes a dark chamber. The retinal center is intact but there is no blindness, but vision is diminished. This disease has been started to be treated by the method called Photodynamic Therapy s

Retinitas Pigmentosa (Poultry Shrimp)

This disease, which is the leading cause of hereditary retinal diseases, is not possible in today's conditions with medication or surgical treatment. More kin marriages are seen in the end-born. As a result, the causes of tearing or dislocations in one eye can be most likely to occur in the other eye. If family detachment is present, family members should be kept under control. People with myo

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