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What is Cataract?

Cataract is the convergence of the lens, which is normally transparent. It can be thought of as glass mist. There are many misconceptions about cataract. Cataract: It's not a movie in front of you It does not come to fruition with too much use of eyes; It's not cancer It does not pass from one eye to another; It is not the cause of permanent blindness. Cataract is a sign of senilit

What are the causes of cataracts?

The most common type of cataract is associated with eye aging. Other cataracts are: Family story Medical problems such as diabetes Eye injury Drugs such as cortisone Staying in the sun for long periods of time; Previous eye surgery

Do cataract surgeries occur at the same time as the two eyes?

No. Only one eye surgery is done first. During the healing process of the eye with the surgery, the vision is made with the other eye. In addition, the risk of infections that may occur can be influenced by both eyes.

With which technique cataract surgery is performed?

Cataract surgery is done by FAKO "phacoemulsification" technique. The type of energy used here is not laser energy but ultrasonic energy.

How long does cataract surgery last?

It takes about 10-15 minutes on average. However, if the eye is problematic, this time can be up to 30-45 minutes. Rarely is a surgical procedure where complications can be seen

Do cataracts grow up again after 1-2 years after cataract surgery?

Once cataract surgery has been performed, it is not possible for cataracts to form again.

Will I use glasses after cataract surgery?

During cataract surgery, the number of the lens placed in the eye can be adjusted so that it can see the distance, distance, or nearness. Thus, if the eye of the person with the surgery is reset to the distance, it will see far away without glasses, but you will have to use glasses for close up. If eye surgery is done with a surgical eye lens, the person will be able to see without a close eye, bu

Do cataract surgery in the very late (advanced cataract) period affect the surgical success?

Yes, the problem is more likely to occur in the operation of advanced cataracts. In addition, the duration of surgery is longer in advanced cataracts. The prolonged surgery time also increases the percentage of problems that may occur during surgery as well as prolonging the healing period after surgery and sometimes even lead to permanent problems. For these reasons, it would be more correct to h

Is it necessary to go to bed after cataract surgery?

No, no bed rest in the hospital or at home after the operation is necessary.

What are the actions that should be taken after cataract surgery or the actions that need to be taken care of or the conditions that need to be taken care of?

Since there is more risk of infection (microbes) within the first week after surgery, it is right not to expose the patient's hand in this period, to prevent any foreign bodies from escaping and to avoid water leakage. In addition, the droppings should be used regularly and complaints such as pain, redness, impairment of vision should be applied immediately to the doctor.

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