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Eye Irrigation in Children

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Structural disorders such as a congenital team may be seen in infants; * The upper eyelid is low, * The space of the eyelids is narrow, * The excess skin folds on the nose root, * The distance between the eyes is more or less normal. If the above mentioned disorders are not in a threatening dimension, the operation may be delayed or not performed. If the baby is affected by vision, low cover or other structural problems, that is if the cover is closing the eye baby and this is especially in the eyes, it is necessary to delay treatment. Cap infections may also be seen in infants. For this reason, lid and eyelash cleaning is very important. Infectious diseases that swell in the lump and the lump-like lid should be treated unexpectedly in infants. Because of the swelling of the lid and the risk of deformation and eye laceration in the eye tissues attached to the pressure. Allergic diseases can also be seen in babies. Allergies can be seen in babies after 6 months, causing itching and irritation.

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