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Strabismus in children

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Our eyes are parallel to each other when looking directly across. Distortion of your paralysis is called strabismus. Our bodies are equipped with the most perfect features for independent movement. It's the outer muscles that move the eye. The 6 muscles (muscles) in each eye move the eye in various directions. If one of the muscles and some of the muscles can not function, strabismus occurs. Causes of astonishment; Strabismus usually occurs in childhood. Some of the strabismus, especially in infants, is a fake shift. Pseudoslip is a misleading appearance due to the structure of the eyelids and eyeballs or the irregularity of one of the optical axes. An eye examination should be performed to ensure that this condition is fully illuminated. There is no single reason for the wonderment to occur. Whether the pregnancy has passed, whether the birth is problematic, the child's development, the diseases it has suffered, the wards or pancreatic diseases can be risk factors for strabismus. Treatment of astonishment; Full recovery is possible with the start of treatment immediately after emergence of astonishment. It is possible to mention three methods for the treatment of astonishment; * Spectacles: Some types of strabismus occur due to fracture flaws. Straightness is improved when the patient starts using glasses. In this type of strabismus, glasses are sufficient. * Closure and orthopedics: These treatment methods can be done if there is laziness in the patient's eyes. * Surgery (surgery): Congenital shifts are necessary shifts in the early period (6 months - 1 year), which do not require glasses. The majority of skates occur around the age of 2 and can usually be fully corrected with glasses. Surgical treatment is necessary if the eyeglasses are unstable. Depending on the paralysis, sudden shifts usually have double vision, which is very difficult for the patient. In this type of strabismus, the general trend is to wait for 6 months, but in the waiting period Botox application can be done to reduce double vision. Strabismus surgery; Strabismus surgeries are usually performed under general anesthesia. The basic principle of surgery is based on the principle of reducing or increasing the strength of the muscles attached to the eye sock or changing its location. Early diagnosis and treatment in strabismus can prevent eye laceration and provide 3-D vision. For this reason, every child with a suspicion of strabismus should be taken to a strabismus specialist eye doctor unexpectedly.

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