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What is eyelid loss (pitosis)?

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The most common form of eyelid disease is the lower cover called "ptosis". Low eyelid may affect one or both eyelids, may be inherited, and may be congenital or may occur subsequently due to causes such as aging, trauma or nerve paralysis. The congenital lid diminishes due to the development of the levator muscle that lifts the eyelid, while the lid lid that is due to aging is caused by the muscles lifting the lid over time. The cover may be too light or it may prevent seeing when the size of the eye is too large to cover the baby. The congenital valve defects are called congenital ptosis. Since congenital valve defects that cover the eye baby will prevent visual development and lead to eye libido, timing of treatment is important in these patients and urgency correction of the valve deficiency is necessary. A mild degree of cover-loss that only affects vision without affecting sight should be corrected immediately before the child begins to read (about 5-6 years of age) so that the child feels more comfortable in the community and does not adversely affect his / her psychological development. Pitosis treatment is done surgically. At the time of surgery, the muscle lifting the eyelids is strengthened by shortening the mild congenital valve deficiency and aging-related valve defects. In case of severe congenital ptosis with nerve paralysis or very little muscle function, it is possible to open the eyes by lifting the eyebrows of the patient with the silicone band under the eyelid skin and hanging on the patient's forehead muscle.


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