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What are the indications of uveitis?

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When localized in the frontal region of the uveitis eye, it gives signs in the form of eye redness, blurred vision or vision loss, pain around the eyes, sensitivity to light and flight patterns in exacerbation periods. If the exacerbation or activation is at the back, the symptoms are mostly blurred vision and decreased vision. The central area of ​​the exacerbation is sudden visual loss and permanent damage to the tissues occurs. Exacerbations and damage that occur outside the central region manifest themselves with blurring in vision, and they do not have permanent vision loss unless they are sequelae and remain unaffected by the macula.

Uveitis is a disease with cure. Even if the treatment is over, the patient should be followed up periodically. As the disease can recur, it is imperative that interventions are not interrupted or that there are different indications of other organs. For example, aft in the mouth, stains on the skin ...

If uveitis is noticed immediately and treatment is started, the sight can be protected or recovered. Early diagnosis, correct treatment, frequent and good follow-up, eye rescue with patient physician compliance

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